Lean Six Sigma Switzerland Trainings & Certifications

Lean Six Sigma Training programs to develop problem-solving and continuous improvement culture.

Lean Six Sigma Switzerland provides intensive trainings alongside DMAIC project management coaching and consulting. We take you step by step through the certification stages and ensure successful Lean and Six Sigma culture deployment. Together we align your organization to achieve success.


At Lean Six Sigma Switzerland we support your organization in the implementation of :


1.790 CHF excl vat- 4 days


3.490 CHF excl vat- 7 days


4.990 CHF excl vat- 10 days

Lean Six Sigma Switzerland

We Apply Lean Six Sigma in a way that truly benefits all stakeholders

Customers, employees, the environment and management. Implemented in this way, Lean Six Sigma is a formidable vector of economic, social and environmental prosperity.

Our clients

We partner with clients from the private, public, and non-profit sectors in Switzerland and abroad to develop their Lean Six Sigma skills, address their most critical quality and process improvement issues. Our customized consulting, learning and development approach implements the Lean Six Sigma insights at all levels of your organization. This ensures you to achieve sustainable continuous improvement in your efficiency, quality, people, cost, customer satisfaction and revenue issues.

Our service extends beyond our work: we promote the exchange of expertise between our consultants and your organization. We believe that co-creation between us is key to the success of your operational excellence challenges. Through the development of these synergies, we ensure your people to master Lean Six Sigma philosophy and to run it afterwards.

Easy to understand, hands-on and fun learning methods will make it enjoyable to learn Lean Six Sigma.

Our training and business games use teaching methods which focus on the mental, physical and emotional development of participants. Their contents are specifically tailored to the training goals and the participants. Our teaching methods are both participatory and collaborative, involving problem solving, role-playing and serious games. Therefore they offer motivating challenges and stimulate participants to invest in their training.

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Culture and Transformation

Lean Six Sigma Switzerland today supports many clients in the design and implementation of Lean Six Sigma strategies with many successes in transformation programs: banking & insurance sector, public sector, industry, telecom IT consulting and finance

After your training we can support you on 2 types of projects:
  1. DMAIC project: project coaching for 3 to 6 months with ROI of minimum 250K CHF
  2. Kaizen Event: workshops from 1 to 5 days to solve OPEX problems: 5S, VSM, SMED etc …

Our expertise is based on 3 pillars:

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